Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Issue of Consent with Your Partner.

Let’s explore the topic of Yes, No, and Maybe as it pertains to sexual experiences amongst couples.  Some experience a need to perform because my partner enjoys it or out of fear my partner might leave me if I do not.  Are individuals selfless because they try a sexual act they initially rejected?  It may be time to talk with your significant other about the meaning behind the Yes, No, and Maybe.

Sex should ALWAYS be consensual.  To this one says “yes” and to that one says “no.”  And therein lies the grey.  Negotiation.  Are you willing to consider something that you may have previously been unwilling to consider?  Have an honest discussion of what parts of the sexual act you are comfortable with or are even considering and which are deal-breakers.  What is the meaning for you in that particular experience?

Loving, mutually satisfying relationships are what makes happy couples.  In the DFW area there is a sex therapist, Stefani Threadgill, that you and your partner should consult.  She will meet you both where you are and can facilitate the conversation that may help you to discover a satisfying sexual relationship.  Give her a call today and make an appointment at (469) 666-0461.

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